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Old Axe Head Axes t Axe Axe head and Blade

Old Axe Head Axes t Axe Axe head and Blade


Choosing an axe

Vintage "True Temper Kelly Perfect" Jersey Axe Restoration by John Black

A new axe and an old hatchet

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Although axes have many specialized uses and forms, they generally consists of a head attached to a handle. The head is normally made from metal, ...

Alex Koch uses an ax from the North Wayne Tool Company that dates back to the mid-1900s to chop wood outside of his mother's home in Scarborough.

Choosing an axe

Antique guide to axe head types. This is an interesting reference.

Refinishing a Canadian Axe ...

One side will feature the logo and the opposite side will have the axe head weight. Hults Bruk axes with cold stamps were produced until 1988.

reproduction axe head


Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet 13.50 Inch Axe Handmade In Sweden, 415

Vintage Axes & Body Armor. 22 Aug 2017 Patrick Heraghty. A client contacted me about the possibility of Cerakoting some axe heads.

#axes #axe #ax Vintage Embossed Cut Easy Axe | eBay

Picture of How to Remove Rust From Axe Head ...

A Wetterlings Backcountry Axe Gabriel Amadeus / Flickr

E USA 268 Handmade Tomahawk Damascus Steel Blank Blade Smoke Axe, Hatchet Blank Axe Head

Vintage M.M.H.CO. Wedgeway Axe Head in Axes, Hatchets | eBay

Dane axe

ID Old Double Bit Axe Head

Craftsman axe head before restoration. While it looks cruddy, the sticker, original paint

large primitive antique broad axe with 11-1/2'' blade, for hand hewing barn beams etc

The shaping axe

[ IMG]

Photos of the True Temper Kelly Perfect with a Jersey head.

Best for Fast Chopping: The Five Star has already proven itself time and again; it's been in production by Swedish axe maker Hults Bruk for 50 years.

Old Axe Restoration



Huiwill hammer axe head SOG Tactical Tomahawk Axe Army Outdoor Camping Survival Machete Axes Hand Tool Fire Axe Hatchet

WHITE DEER Blank Axe Head Bit Damascus Steel Bearded Viking Hatchet Tomahawk


Axe – Can You Spot the Difference?

Vintage Old Rare Communist Era Hammer & Sickle Marking 1,38lbs/0,630kg. Hand Forged Wrought Viking Style Steel Bearded Axe Head Hatchet Tool

Amazon.com : Handmade Damascus Steel Axe Hatchet Head only JNR9018 : Sports & Outdoors

The axe head (left) is skinny, sharp, and light for chopping. The maul head (right) is fat, blunt, and heavy for splitting.

These are the most commonly known double bit axe head types. Axe heads were altered


Best survival tactical axe for preppers

Sportsman's Axe with Leather Grip Handle

The Langeid Viking Battle Axe: The original and the copy.

The Solution: Don't put your axe ...

From the handle to the head, this axe looks and feels brand new.

Tops VI Ax vs. Half Life Knives Tactical Hawk lead

Here's a close up of the label - with some interesting stuff. Despite being sharper than any axe I've found in a store in many years - it informs you ...

On some axes the head will practically fall off the helve, whilst others might be stuck tight. Take the rusty, tarnished old axe ...

best-axes-gear-patorl-mtnman. With a Hudson Bay-style axe head ...

Estwing Sportsman's Axe - 14" Camping Hatchet with Forged Steel Construction & Genuine Leather Grip - E24A

african primal axe hand forged hatchet congo style with carved rhino head

Marble's Camp Axe 15-7/8" Overall with American Hickory Handle and 1045 Carbon Head | Smoky Mountain Knife Works

My restored double-bit axe – A “blast from the past” post « The Weekend Woodsman

The Best Made mark (BMC) is forged into the butt of the axe head.

Old Axe Restoration - Viking Axe Customization

vintage Collin hudson bay axe head 4

Ulfberth Battle-ready hammer axehead, old

here is the latest from the forge. inches of viking beard. Alan Stands Alone Bryant · Viking axe · Axehead ...

... "Harm's Way" Hand Forged Spike Axe Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, ...

Axe Head Weight: Unknown (The whole hatchet weighs 1.6lb) Axe Length: 13 inches. Axe Head Material: 1055 carbon steel. Handle Material: Steel with leather ...

Image of Plumb hatchets and hand axes.

Axes and hatchets are wood chopping tools that have been used for centuries. Given their similar appearance, you might think of these two icons as ...

An old Plumb double bit axe I found in the basement of the barn. Restored

Throwing Axe - Win Your Next Viking Throwing Tomahawk Competition! 19" Hand Forged Hatchet From High Carbon Steel, NMLRA Approved, 100% Guaranteed From ...

Bavarian Felling Axe

Illustration for article titled The 5 Types of Ax Everyone Should Know

Figure 01. Coating Process – I prepped the two Council axe heads by stripping them down to bare steel ...

The Velvicut axes will not be cheap. This one certainly isn't. It is intended to be a top of the line production axe, and to go head to head with Gransfors ...

Crescent Moon Viking Axe Head for sale. Available in: stainless :: by medieval store ArmStreet

Ulfberth Danish Viking axe head

Gransfors Small Forest Axe

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The next step is to find a container that the axe head will fit into for the BLO soak. I like to soak the axe in BLO for a week minimum.

Thai Forged Camping Axe Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, Thai Blacksmiths Old Block ...


... axe'. merchant-and-makers-how-to-care-for-your-

Gerber Gator Combo Axe

Dead Wood: The 9 Best Camp Axes & Hatchets

Yeti tundra 35

Born Again Tools: Giving New Life to an Old Ax

bearded man with ax over shoulder illustration

Picture of Tomahawk Survival Axe (that Opens Beers!

Vintage little 1 1/2lb "Prima Svenskt fabrikat" Carving,Carpenters Hatchet Axe head

They both have a self wedging haft (Old Norse: forskepti). Hafts: 71,5 and 78,5 cm. Right axe head: 1002 gram.

Bavarian Felling Axe by Garrett Wade

Spyderco Genzow HatchetHawk 16" Utility Tomahawk Axe - H02

A Guide to the 5 Different Types of Axes

Prandi 25.5 inch Yankee Axe, Carbon Steel Head, American Hickory Handle

Gränsfors Carpenter´s Axe