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Sep 10, 1776: Nathan Hale volunteers to spy behind British lines!

SEPT. 10, 1776: NATHAN HALE VOLUNTEERS TO SPY BEHIND BRITISH LINES History.com: General George Washington asks for a volunteer for an extremely dangerous ...

September 22, 1776 Nathan Hale. '

SEPTEMBER 10 = Nathan Hale Volunteers. "Not that Washing- ton hadn't been impressed with Hale. Quite the opposite in fact. The passion, boldness , and just ...

September 22nd 1776: Nathan Hale Is Executed

Execution of Nathan Hale, 1776

Sep 10, 1776: Nathan Hale volunteers to spy behind British lines | North Haven, CT Patch

S.W. O'Connell

American Revolution: Key Military Figures — Nathan Hale Spying on British

Execution of Nathan Hale on the site of east Broadway, corner of Market Street, New York, September 21, 1776 / M. Nevin. Library of Congress Prints and ...

5 Patriot Spies of the American Revolution. 1. Nathan Hale ...

nathan-hale. “

Throwback Thursday 1776: Revolutionary Hero Nathan Hale is Hanged as a Spy in NYC | Untapped Cities

The Culper Spy Ring

British troops hang Nathan Hale: Sept. 22, 1776


Nathan Hale


Nathan Hale Statue. Reprod. of photo published by Cosmos Pictures, n.d. Prints & Photographs Division

Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale Hanging Site

Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale, born on June 6, 1755, was a soldier in the American Revolution hanged for espionage in 1776. During his early life in Connecticut, ...

Nathan Hale Statue, Hartford


Bust in East Haddam, Connecticut sculpted by Enoch Smith Woods between 1885–1900.

Captain Nathan Hale: A Tory's Account of the Arrest and Execution of the First American Spy

The execution of Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale - was an American soldier and spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He volunteered for an intelligence-gathering ...

The hanging of Nathan Hale

A postcard of Nathan Hale's home in South Coventry, Connecticut. Image source: boston_public_library http://bit.ly/2wQ5plg

Nathan Hale: Revolutionary Spy

In ...

Nathan Hale Facts

This was a mission that required a volunteer, and nobody stepped forward at first. But just when it looked as if nobody would,

Nathan Hale Facts. American Spy Nathan Hale

Statue by Bela Lyon Pratt at Fort Nathan Hale.

Samuel Holland, surveyor; London: Printed for Robt. Sayer and Jonathan Bennett, 1776. Military Battles and Campaigns. Geography & Map Division

Nathan Hale Both men and women commented on his striking appearance. He had fair skin and hair, light blue eyes and stood just under six feet tall.


Nathan Hale

General Howe (1729-1814) gave the orders to have Nathan Hale hanged as a spy

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Nathan Hale, is executed by the British for spying.

Revolutionary War: Nathan Hale Statue - New Haven, CT

Hanging of Nathan Hale (1776). Executed by the British as a spy for the Americans. From the painting by Granger

Nathan Hale

The Nathan Hale statue in City Hall Park. The statue was designed by Stanford White in 1890 and was dedicated in 1893. It was moved from Broadway and Murray ...

Voice of the American Revolution Thomas Paine

Statue of Nathan Hale in City Hall Park. Acartelli (cc by-sa 4.0)

Of The First American Spy ...

Nathan Hale statue flanked by Yale servicemen, Yale campus, New Haven, Connecticut, November 1917.

Abraham Woodhull

U.S. #UX72 – Postal card depicting Hale's death.

Nathan Hale: Patriot Martyr

Nathan Hale is Born

Nathan Hale

George Washington · US Patriot and Soldier Nathan Hale

1776: Nathan Hale, with regrets

Statues and appearance

James Armistead Lafayette (R) at Yorktown, standing with Marquis de La Fayette (

On This Day: JFK makes Peace Corps permanent

Battle of Harlem Heights Sept. 16, 1776. Americans Gave the British a Good Drubbing.

"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." Nathan Hale, before being hanged by the British, September 22, 1776

Nathan Hale

Patriot executed for spying

nathan-hale 1776 – General George Washington asked for a volunteer for an extremely dangerous mission: to gather intelligence behind enemy lines before the ...

Marquis de Lafayette's original certificate commending James Armistead Lafayette for his revolutionary war service (Marquis de Lafayette Collections, ...

CIPHERS and Real Spies Throughout History

Nathan Hale Execution Site - New York, NY - U.S. Revolutionary War Memorials on Waymarking.com

Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) defected to the British Army

Nathan Hale Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale, as seen from City Hall Park.

Nathan Hale: Patriot, Spy, and Martyr


nathan hale at city hall, nyc, ny

By Mandy Holland. all about nathan hale

Nathan Hale

September 22, 1776: Nathan Hale's Only Regret

Nathan Hale

'Nathan Hale'--435 N. Michigan ...

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Nathan Hale was born in Coventry, Connecticut, on June 6, 1755. Without him being born we would not have known as much about British troop movement during ...

Nathan Hale News

A depiction of British Provost-Marshal Cunningham destroying Nathan Hale's letters to his family before his execution by the British military.

4 Hale- The Spy! Nathan ...

2nd and 4th Regiments, Connecticut, 1777

The Hale statue from the front, in 1994.

Explorer John Smith

Item #93034 – Commemorative cover marking the 200th anniversary of Nathan Hale's hanging.

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