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The Basilica Julia was burned down twice First in 9 BC then again

The Basilica Julia was burned down twice First in 9 BC then again


Overhead view of the Basilica Julia. The Basilica Julia was built by Julius Caesar and

The Basilica di Massenzio (top left) also known as Basilica of Maxentius after Emperor

The ...


View looking east over the west end of the Forum. The Basilica of Julia is on the right (south) side of the image. The Basilica of Julia may well have been ...


The ...

View looking southeast at the west end of the Roman Forum. The Basilica of Julia is just to the right of the center of the image—to the left of the multiple ...

The Basilica Aemilia or Basilica Julia ...

View of other monuments in the ...

The Tabularium ...

View looking east at the mosaic at the top of the Triumphal Arch. Although heavily reconstructed this is a relic of the old pre–fire of 1823 arch.

The view in February 2016. It is more similar to that by Vasi. The building to the right is Curia Julia

Trabeazione dell'ordine inferiore della Basilica Emilia

Rome: Ruins of the Forum, Looking towards the Capitol (1742) by Canaletto

The Church of Saint John in the Lateran in Rome.

Basilica Julia and a view of the eastern side of the Forum

Museum of Roman Civilization, Rome

The ...

The Roman Forum - Buildings of Ancient Rome (5/5) - YouTube

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The ...

Model of the ancient Campus Martius around AD 300.

The entabulature ...

The Curia

We know it well, from the ancient city to the Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and post Unification of the late 19th century.

For a city of around 275,000 inhabitants, Verona can swell twice it's size between June and September, most of t come for the Summer Opera Season at the ...

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View looking south across the Via dei Fori Imperiali at the north side of the Basilica of Saints Cosma and Damiano. Click on Image to Enlarge and/or ...

The Aula Palatina of Trier, Germany (then part of the Roman province of Gallia Belgica), a Christian basilica built during the reign of Constantine I (r.

EB1911 Rome - Plan of the Palatine.jpg

Tour Vatican City: The Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica

With an easy install, a sturdy design, and a great look, it's no

Basilica ...

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The brick wall, left of the main entrance—in white marble—is the only remaining wall of a room that was attached to the actual Temple of Peace.

Detail of lower fluting of free-standing columns and pilasters.

Soon after returning to Rome in 27 B.C., Augustus resigned the powers which he had hitherto exercised, giving “back the commonwealth into the hands of the ...

24 January AD 119 – Hadrian celebrates his 43rd birthday in Rome with gladiatorial games (#Hadrian1900)

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The Pantheon, a landmark of the Campus Martius since ancient Rome.

The huge basilica on the Sacra Via, next to the Temple of Venus and Roma was included under Regio IV in the list of the 'Chronograph of 354 AD' (see below), ...

EB1911 Rome - The Roman Forum and the Sacra Via (left).jpg

St. Peter's Basilica main dome Take a tour and ...

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(left) Palazzo Senatorio on the ...

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(PDF) Great Women of Imperial Rome Mothers and Wives of the Caesars | Tolga Aytürk - Academia.edu

St. Peter's Basilica main dome

Temple of Bacchus

Roman Republic[edit]

The ...

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EB1911 Rome - Example of Early Basalt Road.jpg

The Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) is the ancient Roman Pons Marmoreus was also built on the Via Postumia in 100 BC. During the Roman times, there two bridges ...

Nina C. Coppolino wrote: “Through his gradual efforts, and through the circumstances of his era, Augustus ruled Rome alone for nearly a half-century (31 ...

Vicus Iugarius, the street which led to Foro Boario, the ancient cattle market near the river bank and the rear side of Tempio di Saturno

(PDF) The Business of Butchery: Bellona and War, Society and Religion from Republic to Empire | Meghan Poplacean - Academia.edu

Where Would You Travel in Italy?

Ancient Cities: The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome by david tsintsadze - issuu

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Looking at the remaining foundation of the Basilica Julia; it was built by Julius Caesar in the 1st century BC. It was an enormous building with 5 naves.

Proclamation of the Roman Republic in 1849, in Piazza del Popolo.

The Acropolis of Athens by Leo von Klenze (1846)

Category: architecture Venice

Left, the Ara Coeli Insula on the west slope of the Capitoline Hill, the modern ground level being at the third floor of the ancient.

Façade of the Xishiku Beitang cathedral, designed by Alphonse Favier and erected in 1887.

Piazza San Marco aerial

Coastline thin stone veneer from the Quarry Mill gives this tranquil pool and spa character.

Door to the sewer (Basilicae Julia)

Large ...

Temple of Venus Genetrix

EB1911 Rome - Imperial Fora.jpg

... time was higher than it had been at the time of Augustus and therefore there is a short slope between the arch and the rest of the archaeological area.

View of the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica from Borgo Santo Spirito.

Roam the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

It seems to me that qua makes good sense of this cityscape. What Ovid is describing, the route linking the Form and the New Way, is something like what is ...

11 Basilica of Antoninus & Faustina

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Germanic invasions and collapse of the Western Empire

Inscriptions above the main entrance of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

9 Rome's Eternal Flame

Modern display of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti (Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome).

Fig. 7.14 Rostra of Caesar, 44, actual state ...

... down to where the steps start): sights.seindal.dk/img/orig/8313.jpg ...

Palazzo Chiericati detail facade Palladio Vicenza

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, and Christ the High Priest are surrounded by saints

Roman Forum (Mérida)

A fantasy on amphitheatres

Recreation and spectacles